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ROOTS (1977)

Episode 1

A David L. Wolper Production, Warner Bros. Television, A Warner Communications Company



In 1750, Kunta Kinte was born in The Gambia. West Africa, to Binta and Omoro under the watchful eye of Grandmother Nyo Boto. Kunta grows up free and happy, guided to manhood by Brima Cesay, the Kintango, the Wrestler, and an African tribesman who teaches him a lesson in manners. Then, when the boy is 17 he is taken prisoner by slave-catchers and shipped to America on a vessel commanded by me conscience-stricken Captain Davies and the amoral Third Mate Slater.


Main Credits

Writer William Blinn
Writer Ernest Kinoy
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Stan Margulies
Director David Greene
Cinematographer Stevan Larner
Editor Neil Travis
Composer Quincy Jones

Full Credit List

Based on the novel by Alex Haley
Writer William Blinn
Writer Ernest Kinoy
Research George Sims
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Stan Margulies
Associate Producer Malcolm Alper
Associate Producer Donald A. Ramsey
In Charge of Production Conrad Holzgang
Director David Greene
Cast Edward Asner
Cast LeVar Burton
Cast Henry Butts
Cast Ji-Tu Cumbuka
Cast Kermit Echols
Cast Moses Gunn
Cast Thamlus Rasulala
Cast Harry Rhodes
Cast O. J. Simpson
Cast Ernest Thomas
Cast Ralph Waite
Cast William Watson
Cast Ren Woods
Cast Ronnie Leggett
Actress Maya Angelou
Actress Rebecca Bess
Casting Lynn Stalmaster
Script Supervisor Vivian Jones
Production Assistant Jody Richardson
Production Assistant Linda Thornley
Production Assistant Marie McKeller
Assistant to the Producer Wendy Winter
Production Designer Jan Scott
Set Decorator Perry Gray
Cinematographer Stevan Larner
Gaffer Lee Heckler
Grip Vern Matthews
Key Grip Vern Matthews
Wardrobe Eaves Costume Co., Inc.
Assistant Costume Supervisor Jack Martell
Costumes Jack Martell
Makeup Bernadine Anderson
Makeup Scott Cunningham
Hair Stylist Ms. Tyson Omar
Hair Stylist Lola "Skip" McNalley
Editor Neil Travis
Assistant Editor Fred Kaplan
Post Production Supervisor George Taylor
Music Editor Neiman-Tillar Associates
Sound Effects Editor Neiman-Tillar Associates
Composer Quincy Jones
Title Design by Pacific Titles
Opitcal Effects Pacific Titles
Location Georgia and on board the Brig Unicorn

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