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Episode 1



Fourteen hours continue the second 100 years from the 1870's to the present day of Alex Haley's family. "Chicken" George's son, Tom, is the leader of Henning's black community. His daughter, Cynthia, marries Will Palmer who becomes henning's first black merchant. Their daughter, Bertha, goes to college and meets Simon Haley. They marry after World War I, and Simon becomes a professor at Agricultural college. Simon and Bertha's first son is Alex Haley and the story follows his tife and experiences through to his search for his ROOTS and the writing of his book.


Main Credits

Writer Ernest Kinoy
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Stan Margulies
Director John Erman
Cinematographer Joseph M. Wilcots
Editor John W. Wheeler
Composer Gerald Fried

Full Credit List

Writer Ernest Kinoy
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Stan Margulies
Director John Erman
Cast Georg Stanford Brown
Cast Al "Jacko" Fann
Cast Henry Fonda
Cast Lou Frizzel
Cast Ray Hemphill
Cast Don Keefer
Cast Paul Koslo
Cast Greg Morris
Cast Albert Reed
Cast Morgan Roberts
Cast Marc Singer
Cast Essex Smith
Cast Richard Thomas
Cast Royce Wallace
Cast Brian Mitchell
Actress Olivia de Havilland
Actress Kathleen Doyle
Actress Janet DuBois
Actress Wendy Glass
Actress Fay Hauser
Actress Luise Heath
Actress Debbi Morgan
Actress Frances Nealy
Actress Cynthia Sye
Actress Avon Long
Actress Lynne Moody
Casting Reuben Cannon
Script Supervisor Jill Freeman
Art Director Robert MacKichan
Set Decorator William Webb
Cinematographer Joseph M. Wilcots
Sound Recording Willie Burton
Wardrobe Men Richard Butz
Wardrobe Women Donna Roberts
Assistant Costume Supervisor Tom Dawson
Costumes Tom Dawson
Makeup Design Ken Chase
Makeup Joe DiBella
Makeup David Dittmar
Makeup Zoltan Elek
Hair Stylist Leonard Drake
Production Services The Burbank Studios, Burbank, California
Editor John W. Wheeler
Post Production Supervisor George Taylor
Music Editor Jay Alfred Smith
Sound Effects Editor Neiman-Tillar Associates
Composer Gerald Fried

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