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Episode 1

A David L. Wolper / Stan Margulies Production in Association with Edward Lewis Productions, Inc. and Warner Bros. Television



A 10-hour miniserles based on Colleen McCullough's best-selling novel set in Australia. A rich widow, Mary Carson, leaves her fortune to the Church in the care of a young priest, ensuring he will have an illustrious career. But the priest's heart has been captured by Mary's niece, Meggie, who believes that Ralph will leave the Church for her. Meggie is stunned when he chooses his career instead. She marries, unhappily. Later, on an Island, Ralph visits Meggie and is no longer able to deny his feelings tor her. A son is born to Meggie, he also becomes a priest, but is tragically drowned. Meggie, stricken with grief, reveals to Ralph now a Cardinal that Dane was his son.

Air Date 3/27/83

Main Credits

Writer Carmen Culver
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Edward Lewis
Producer Stan Margulies
Director Darryl Duke
Cinematographer Bill Butler
Editor Robert F. Shugrue
Composer Henry Mancini

Full Credit List

Based on the novel by Colleen McCullough
Based on the novel by Colleen McCullough
Writer Carmen Culver
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Edward Lewis
Producer Stan Margulies
Associate Producer Irving Lazar
Director Darryl Duke
Cast Philip Anglim
Cast Bryan Brown
Cast Dweir Brown
Cast Stephan Burns
Cast Richard Chamberlain
Cast Barry Corbin
Cast Wally Dalton
Cast John de Lancie
Cast John Friedrich
Cast Earl Holliman
Cast Ken Howard
Cast Bill Morey
Cast Vidal Peterson
Cast Christopher Plummer
Cast Richard Venture
Cast Richard Kiley
Cast Brett Cullen
Actress Antoinette Bower
Actress Stephanie Faracy
Actress Piper Laurie
Actress Nan Martin
Actress Holly Palance
Actress Sydney Penny
Actress Jean Simmons
Actress Barbara Stanwyck
Actress Rachel Ward
Actress Mare Winningham
Actress Meg Wyllie
Actress Allyn Ann McLerie
Casting Toni Howard & Associates
Casting Lynn Stalmaster
Script Supervisor Mary Ann Newfield
Production Designer Robert MacKichan
Set Decorator Jerry Adams
Cinematographer Bill Butler
Sound Richard Wagner
Costume Designer Travilla
Makeup Del Acevedo
Hair Stylist Lee Crawford
Production Services U.A.A. Film Productions LTD.
Editor Robert F. Shugrue
Post Production Supervisor George Taylor
Music Editor Jay Alfred Smith
Sound Effects Editor Don Crosby
Sound Effects Editor Larry Kaufman
Sound Effects Editor Alan Potter
Sound Effects Editor Al Kajita
Composer Henry Mancini

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